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Biohumax Biohumax

Environmental Advantages

  • Safe for use
  • Produced with 100% natural raw materials and does not have any phytotoxic effects on the environment
  • Product is water-based
  • Belongs to the group of potassium humate fertilizers (main analogous products are sodium humates), high potassium content and prevention of the negative effects from introduction of sodium in the plant metabolism
  • The humin acids contained in the product bind with the heavy metals in the soils and transform them into “immobile” (inaccessible) forms for plants
  • Safe to insects, birds and animal species
  • Availability of “green dot” for waste recycling after product use
  • The product is a water extract of humates from the wormycompost of red California worms
  • Application of the product facilitates the process of decomposition of plant and animal wastes in the soils

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