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Physical and Chemical Properties

BIOHUMAX® is a liquid organic fertilizer based on a Red California worm (Lumbrocum Rubellis) and Tiger worm (Perionus Escavatus) product. It is a dark brown liquid with acidity of about 9 pH. The product contains resospheric microorganisms. Each batch manufactured has a separate number and chemical content certificate, issued by the authorized laboratory to the Ministry of agriculture and forests of Bulgaria. The product does not contain synthetic additives and genetically modified organisms. It is characterized by high content of humin acids, mostly in the form of potassium humates. It contains also fulvo-acids, phytohormones, indispensable amino acids – asparagine, glutamine, valine, methionine, lysine, etc., microelements in helate form.

Iron (Fe) >0,0010 %;
Manganese (Mn) >0,0010 %;
Boron (B) >0,0001 %;
Molybdenum (Мо) 0,0001 %.
Zinc (Zn) 0,0012 %;
Copper (Cu) 0,0005 %.

Humus contents are between 0,35 and 0,55 %, the macroelement content in mg/dm3 for the general and helate forms is as follows:

Nitrogen > 500 , mostly in the form of Nitrate nitrogen;
Phosphorus > 100;
Potassium > 3500;
Calcium> 220;
Magnesium > 200.

The product is in liquid form, dark brown in color, without a specific odor, acidity is between 9 and 10 pH. It contains humin and fulvo-acids, as well as macro- and micro elements in helate form. It does not change its properties when stored at temperatures between 5° and 25°С. Optimal shelf life is 36 months from the date of manufacture.

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