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Biohumax Biohumax

Main Advantages

  • High quality of the liquid substance
  • High percentage of the organic substance (hummus)
  • Low fertilizer rate per unit of area
  • Easy dosage
  • Low prices
  • Packaging of 1 liter и от 0,250 litres
  • Direct delivery to client within 24 hours
  • Post-sales consultation and assistance to the client by the sales agents
  • Protected with a perforation code, located on the product label
  • Registration in Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • No hard fraction in the contents (no sediments or other substances, which ordinarily lead to the clogging of nozzles in the spraying equipment)
  • Mixibility with all pesticide groups
  • Humate product; most of the micro- and macro-elements contained in it are helate (easily assimilated by plants) form
  • Included in international patent
  • Registered for use on the territory of Austria, Spain, Switzerland, Moldova, Great Britain
  • Contains natural soil micro-flora
  • Sell-by date of product is 36 months from date of production in the original packaging
  • Application of the technology makes plants resistant to low temperatures and draughts
  • Contains no genetically modified microorganisms

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