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During the breeding of Red California worm or Tiger worm, biomass is produced, also known as Worm compost. The product thus received is solid, with porous structure and comparatively high humidity. It is rich in humin and fulvin acids, as well as macro- and micro elements in helate (easily assimilated by plants) form, salts and minerals. Worm compost is suitable for fertilizing soils on small areas, where its introduction is done manually and is accompanied by efforts to achieve correct dosage. BIOHUMAX® is created as liquid formulation (water extract) of Worm compost from Red California worm, to help farmers avoid the inconvenience and problems of the direct application of Worm compost.

The product conforms to testing certificates, issued for each manufactured batch by the authorized state service for control and testing of fertilizers.

Project Studio Company has conducted a series of tests of humates – analogous products of BIOHUMAX®, available on the world market, and the results show that many of them are insufficient to achieve a positive end result for farmers. In our opinion, some drawbacks that play a negative role for the accepting the humin-containing preparations by world agriculture, are the low content of humin acids (under 0,20% in the liquid preparations and less than 10 % in the dry substance); “raw” or untreated humin acids, found in sufficient concentrations in the products’ contents, but ineffective in terms of the nourishment of the plants; products with treated humin acids with energy-consuming technologies reaching the farmers at inaccessible and economically unviable prices; even products marketed as humates, which do not contain humin acids.

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